Joanne Nucho
About CV

Joanne Nucho is a writer, filmmaker and teacher. Trained as an anthropologist, her interests include urban space, human and material infrastructures, and the activation of memory in everyday life. She places landscape and materialities of space at the center of her artistic and aesthetic inquiries, examining the relationships of things like bridges and roads, houses and buildings, electricity wires and pipes, to processes of subjectivity formation, and the construction of a sense of community, self and other.


Her book, Everyday Sectarianism in Urban Lebanon: Infrastructure, Public Services and Power (Princeton University Press) will be released in November 2016. Her writings have also appeared in Jadaliyya and the Middle East Research and Information Project.


As a filmmaker, she is interested in experimental non-fiction and essay films. Mapping Bourj Hammoud, an outgrowth of her enthnographic film work in Lebanon, explores memory, narrative, and visual mapping.